Chi Mei Medical Center - Health Management Center

Sleep Center

The Chi-Mei Sleep Center provides diagnostic and treatment services for people with Sleep Disorders and related medical disorders. We have expertise in the assessment and treatment of Sleep Disorders from simple snoring, breathing-related sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) to Insomnia, Periodic Limb Movement Disorders (PLMD), Restless Leg Syndromes (RLS) Narcolepsy, and sleep disturbed by psychiatric, medical conditions and shift-works. Schemes are available for organisation's occupational health departments as well as individual executive management.

Our center provides an integrated, multi-speciality (comprised of pulmonologist, psychiatrists, neurologists, ENT surgeons, dentists, respiratory therapists and polysomnographic technologists) approach to the treatment of sleep, fatigue and related disorders.

Convenient features of our sleep center:
•Comfortable examination suite, sound insulated and individually temperature and light controlled.
•All of bedrooms are equipped with luxurious beds and private bathrooms.
•On site sleep diagnostic equipment, which is modern, accurate & efficient.
•Save your hotel accommodation expenses when taking a health examination package with sleep study.