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● Preparation Instructions for Upper Endoscopy:

   You need to fast for 8 hours, nothing to eat or drink after 11pm before the examination (including water, tea, and any kind of drinks).

● Preparation Instructions for Colonoscopy:

   (1).2 Days before the colonoscopy:

        Avoid high-fiber (such as vegetables or fruit) and high-protein (such as meats, gluten, dairy products) foods two days before the


        Drink only clear liquid. Avoid dairy products (including milk, soy milk, rice peanut milk, yogurt), solid food, and any red, orange, and

        purple colored beverages (such as grape juice, carrot juice, tomato juice, and watermelon juice).

   (2).1 Days before the colonoscopy: 

        Eat a light and low-fiber breakfast, such as white bread or steamed buns and clear liquid.

        Take the Clear Diet at 12 noon, 2pm and 4pm respectively (mix a pack with 250-300 cc of hot water, stir, and let stand for 5 minutes

        before drinking).

        You can have a small amount of low-residue foods, such as rice congee, noodles, egg drop soup or white bread, if you still feel


   (3).Starting 5 pm after taking the laxative, please go on a clear liquid/no-residue diet, such as clear fish soup (without meat and grease),

         lean meat soup (without meat and grease), white gourd juice, chrysanthemum tea, lemon tea, sports drinks.

● Laxative Instructions (Bowklean):

   (1).Day Before Colonoscopy:

         At 5 pm: mix Bowklean (powder) bottle with 150 cc of cool water and drink slowly. To stay hydrated, drink at least 2000 cc of warm

         water afterward.

   (2).Day of Colonscopy:

        At 4am: mix one bottle of Bowklean (powder) with 150 cc of cool water and drink slowly.

        1.Drink a cup of water (250cc) at 4:20am.

        2.Drink another cup of water (250cc) at 4:50am.

       After the second cup of water. No food and no liquids until the procedure is completed.


● The Dieting and laxative instruction: